Below is a video from my 2016 solo exhibition, Earth House. In Earth House, I shift my topical focus from human formed earth blankets to living organisms that beckon to me. I gather assorted materials, then cut, paste, and paint, forming collage works. Aside from living creatures, I am inspired by Northwest Coast Indian transformation masks, Southwestern retablos and Loren Eisely writings. A new book of images and poetry is part of the exhibition. March 30 – May 1, 2016. Touchstone Gallery.
Below is a video from my Earth Blankets 2014 solo show. The inspiration for this work came from trash accumulating on the side of a road. I began taking pictures of this and other things blanketing the land, using them to make photo collages. While laying some of these pictures on the floor they formed what looked like a quilt showing the impact of humankind on our planet. This became the foundation for exploring other earth blankets. Please enjoy the video.
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